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HR Essentials for Small Business

Thursday 2nd June
Duration 2 hours
Cost $55

This workshop will take a practical look at what any business that employs staff needs in their toolkits (Policies, Position Descriptions, Employment Agreements, National Employment Standards etc.). It will provide an outline of an HR Manual, which can be implemented in participants’ workplaces. The workshop will also include where to find resources to help manage staff.

Workshop is full

Marketing and Strategy Plans

Tuesday 7th June
Duration 2 hours
Cost $55

Learn the ‘marketing jargon’, and how to apply key marketing principles to improve your business.  Designed for small businesses competing in cluttered markets that are struggling to describe their competitive advantage.  Then identify economic promotional solutions, to meet a limited budget.

Getting the most from your social media

Thursday 9th June
Duration 2 hours
Cost $55

  • Learn how to make social media work for your business
  • Learn new tips and tricks to attracting new customers
  • Understand the need for a strategy using social media

Workshop is full

Managing Poor Performance

Thursday 16th June
Duration 2 hours
Cost $55

Poor performance in an employee can be a problem; trying to do something about it can be challenging.  Many of the unfair dismissal cases heard in tribunal’s catalogue the mistakes of the employer as much as the shortcomings of the employee.

Why you need an agreement for services and what to include in one

Tuesday 21st June
Duration 2 hours
Cost $55

Do you really know what you’ve been contracted to do?
Unclear obligations, clauses that shift liability and complex default provisions can be twisted into what appear to be straightforward service agreements.
Want to find out what you’ve got yourself in for?

Social Media Advertising

Thursday 23rd June
Duration 2 hours
Cost $55

(Ideally participants should either already be active users of social media for business, or attend the “getting the most from your social media” workshop first before attending this workshop)

  • Understand social media advertising vs mass marketing

  • Learn how to run social media campaigns

  • Understand what is the Return on Investment

Online Payment Integration

Tuesday 5th July
Duration 2 hours
Cost $55

  • Need to process online payments in your business?

  • Don’t understand what a payment gateway is?

  • Want your invoices paid immediately?

  • Are your reoccurring payments being managed efficiently?

Starting Staff: Attracting and Recruiting your ideal employee

Thursday 7th July
Duration 2 hours
Cost $55

A guide to the successful attraction and recruitment of your ideal employee This interactive workshop, presented by Tactical Coach, will take a look at “best practice” recruitment, and will provide participants with tools and templates to attract and commence staff in their business. It will include how to develop Position Descriptions, advertisements, interview guides, orientation checklists and manage the probation period.

Cash Flow Management Strategies

Tuesday 12th July
Duration 2 hours
Cost $55

“Cash is king”. Learn how to keep the cash in your bank and not someone else’s.  This workshop will also show you how to maintain sufficient cash when your business is growing, and the demand for cash is growing.

This is a listing of all the ASBAS workshops that are available from time to time. If you want to find out what workshops are currently on offer please click on the "Book a workshop" button below.

ASBAS Workshop Menu

Funding Avenues & Financial Analysis

  • Preparation of Funding Applications
  • Cash Flow Management Strategies
  • Financial Reports and Interpretation

Building your Business

  • Preparation of Diagnostic Reports
  • Marketing and Strategy Plans

Making the most of your talent and team

  • HR Essentials for Small Business
  • Starting Staff - Attracting and Recruiting your ideal employee
  • Hire, Manage, Fire...the right way
  • Subcontractors versus employees
  • Termination and/or Redundancy - the right ways
  • Managing Staff - Maximise Performance
  • Managing Poor Performance
  • Succession planning in small business

Management Capabilities

  • Business tenancies and negotiating a commercial lease
  • The pro and cons of a partnership agreement
  • Why you need a agreement for services and what to include in one
  • Managing debtors and cash flow

Digital Engagement Implementation

  • Online payment integration
  • Is your business easy to find online?
  • Can a work place intranet improve your business?
  • Getting the most from your social media
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Reconnect with your existing customer base
This project has been supported by the Australian Small Business Advisory Services (ASBAS) programme, an Australian Government initiative